alvaritomoratass:  hello , I am a big fan of Real Madrid and Álvaro Morata. So here is my question, does Álvaro has another nickname then Alvarito? thanks xx

As far as I know, no other major nicknames.

Anonymous:  I'm not sure but I think the main reason why Carla and Alvaro broke up was that Carla had a report for a specialist training in Germany. for me the weirdest thing, that she'd to submit her application earlier..ó last spring I suppose. When she gained admission to the university she started to learn german(it was June13) then they went on a romantic holiday with Alvaro,then they broke up. Their relationship§d be impossible after that... she doesn't have that much free time to fly back&forth to M

A plausible theory…thanks for the submission

mythicalhistory:  Why did Alvaro and Carla Barber break up?

It has not been publicized but I know they have been broken up for awhile now.

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starinmyeye17:  hello! can you tell me who is morata now dating (who is his gf)? Thanks :)

He is currently dating Maria Pombo. She is such a cutie and I love her!


"Morata stays here. We need him. It is true that he has not played many games , but we have confidence in him. It may be that at the end of the season he is not happy and he could think of the possibility to leave, but now we need him.” —— Ancelotti on Morata

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